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The songs on The Nation’s Playlist are here to give us a lift when we need it. Music can bring joy and relief in difficult times. What song deserves its place on The Nation’s Playlist?

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The Nation’s Playlist is proud to be supporting Cancer Research UK. The donations you make through GivePenny will help this incredible charity to continue its life-saving work.

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share why

It’s time to share why you chose your track on your social media platforms and messaging groups. Ask your family, tag your friends and tell your followers to visit to help us build a playlist the nation can be even more proud of.

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the nation's playlist

Why your song choices and donations matter now more than ever.

The Nation’s Playlist is for everyone, powered by GivePenny and in aid of Cancer Research UK.

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, to say things have been tough lately is a massive understatement. One of the ways many of us have found some joy and relief is in listening to music on platforms like Spotify. Our hope is that the choices you make in adding songs to The Nation’s Playlist help us build something full of meaning that we can all lean on when we need it.

We’re calling on everyone to come together, add a track that spreads good vibes and support this incredible cause at a time when they need our help more than ever.